In the field of painting development we provide customers comprehensive services from the design of a suitable type of painting according to the product surface, sample creation including tests (salt chamber, grid method, gloss, thickness, etc.) to the final provision of paint supply, all in high quality for the best possible prices for the customer.

The company does not have its own research laboratories, but cooperates with the laboratories of paint manufacturers, always according to customer requirements, so that color and method are always used, guaranteeing quality, durability, color fastness, always to the maximum satisfaction of the customer.

Employee training takes place at major manufacturers and suppliers of paints as Axalta, Soficor Mäder, Glasurit, Mäder Lacke, Rembrandtin, Weilburger, Wefa, Feyco, PPG Aerospace, always according to the needs of individual orders and the materials used according to the needs of our customers.